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Small Scale High Profit Farming


Secrets that no one knows about in small scale AG


Fred T. from Wisconsin makes $60,000 every summer, growing only 1 plant in his backyard garden.

Hank sells $200,000 worth of seeds every year from 1 acre of annual crop with minimal expenses.

The small scale design that has helped farmers get back to the land and out of debt.

Specialty crops designed for back yards to 40 acres

New crop generates Mark from Canada millions in revenue every year off just 10 acres of land.

Yep, these are all clients of mine.  It doesn't matter who they are or where they live.  They have one thing in common.  All of them turned useless land into cash flowing gold mines.

Fred, Hank, and Mark all own property, but they didn't know what to do with it.  That's were I came in.  These individuals called upon my services to come up with tailor-made plans to turn their small plots of land into the high income-producing properties they are today.

Many people have no concept of the countless types of plants, animals, and general agricultural businesses just waiting to be discovered and implemented. The value of agricultural niches is truly amazing.  In fact, another client bought 5 acres of land for $15,000 and sold it less than a year later for $250,000- just by planting a selected crop.

No matter the size of land or location you can make an absolute fortune.
You just have to know what to grow.

Major food retailers and grocery stores are screaming for more of these specialty items to fill demand.   

They want to have these products on there shelves. 

Thanks for all the help.  Gotta admit I never thought I'd be able to quit my job in town and make as much farm income as I do. 
Jo M.   Texas. 

Never thought my little 1 acre hobby farm could make over six figures in its second year of production.  Thanks so much for the great ideas on what to grow.  I sell out every year and am making more money than ever.  Best of all I'm only working about 4 months out of the year.  Thanks for all the great ideas. 
Tracy from Roanoke, Va.

We didn't have very much land however something had to be done with that idle patch of weeds.  Today we are growing specialty products for local restaurants and other customers.  Who ever would of thought of the value that is in agriculture.  Trust me when I say you will be surprised at what a few acres can do during a growing season. 
Kathy T.


  • Many individuals have called upon my expertise to help them develop their small plots of land into substantial income property. As a consultant, I charge lots of money to help develop useless plots of land into profitable businesses.

  • Truth be told, I should charge three times what I do because a desolate acre typically costs the landowner money. With just one of my unique plants or animals, I can transform that single acre into specialized niche crops worth thousands.  Usually sold before they’re even harvested.

I don't know how you found this website and I don't really care. 

If you are interested in small-scale agriculture, you need to know one thing right now. I don’t care whether you download this book or not. If I can convince you of only one thing, then take this advice home with you: Odds are against you if you want to produce conventional commodities.

Most small-acreage farmers who grow typical commodities are cleaned out of all their startup capital in the first year. I have seen it happen time and time again. If you want to grow typical commodities, rent your land out to someone who already has the equipment and resources. You will be money ahead at the end of the year. The sad truth is, unless you have half a million dollars in the bank, you will never make it with your normal corn, wheat, beans, or cattle. You must diversify and find niche markets to fill.    


I’m like you—I wanted to get ahead, but not risk the shirt off my back in doing so. And I found what I was looking for. I have a list of niche commodities you can grow on small acreages or even in backyards. They fit the needs of almost everybody out there. Trust me—I know. This is what I do.

What I do care about is turning idle plots of ground into profit machines that crank out income, year after year. 

Due to my busy schedule and the fact that I'm only one man.  There is simply no way for me to help out everyone who needs my knowledge.  

I have created this e-book to help everyone who is interested in profit farming.

This book is filled with unique Ag niches and products that you can grow or raise.  There are even Ag businesses you can develop allowing you to never get your hands dirty or beak a sweat. 

Many people have no concept of the countless types of plants, animals, and general agricultural businesses just waiting to be discovered and implemented.

No matter the size of land or location you can make an absolute fortune.
You just have to know what to grow.

A list of secret new crops waiting to be planted.  I have traveled to the hottest deserts and lush rain forests to find some of these new plants. 

I have spoken with major grocery stores about some of these specialty crops.  They are in such demand all you have to do is mention that you are a grower and you are put straight through to the manager of their departments.  Try that with any thing else

It is easy to make extra income out of an area as small as your backyard or garage.  Truth is many of these niches don't require substantial start up cost and require minimal work.  

I have compiled a list of amazing new crops with a demand so high that supply simply can't be met.

Best of all, hardly anyone knows about this information.


Typically when someone is trying to convince you of an idea they provide lots of success stories and examples. 

Well I'm not that kind of person

Many of my clients choose to keep their success stories under the radar to prevent competition developing. 

So I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

Instead of countless success stories coming from someone you don't know.
I'll give you something better and with a much better point.

A Risk free opportunity to look at this information. 

Here is a picture of me, I believe in this information so much that I put my face on it. 

I know what you are probably thinking. 

Farmers don't wear shorts.  Well you are probably right however I'm not your typical farmer and I'm not telling you about typical farm products.  

Here I am looking for an incredibly rare plant that likes to grow in valleys of dormant volcanoes.  What an epic fail that day turned out to be, however that's a story for another time.  

I have traveled all over the world searching for the next secret niche in agriculture.  This has allowed me to put together a list of the most profitable plants / animals you can grow.

Many of these plants, animals and Ag businesses are not originally from America but found in rainforests, deserts and every were in between.  Unfortunately none from dormant volcanoes. 

 Agriculture business is booming in America and the demand for this information is HOT!!!


I have traveled the World looking for the next big thing in Ag and believe me, it's in this book.  Truth be told there isn't just one thing, there are many. 

If you have an interest in growing new products that have strong demands, you owe it to yourself to look into these plants, animals, and businesses. I’m here to help you help yourself. So decide what it is you really want to do. Then do it.

Can a first-time farmer really make a lot of money with these niche crops and businesses?

  • Absolutely and without a doubt! I have personally seen it many times before, and I’m just a normal guy who has an abnormal love for unique things. It’s that love that has allowed me to increase my wealth and help out so many others. 

  • Like all aspects in life you get out what you put in.  Farming is not easy but it can be very rewarding . You just have to know what to grow. 

 You are probably asking yourself one question about me: “If you are an Ag consultant, why are you giving this information away for $29?”
(My normal consulting fee is $5000 per day)

I am very busy developing successful Agriculture enterprises for individuals just like you. 

This is the best way for me to get this information out,  in doing so hopefully you will find something that truly interests you and I can help you develop your new ideas.

Its a circular business model.  That has been very helpful to individuals such as your self.

Many clients I counsel are passionate about agriculture. I believe you are, too. Therefore, my personal services are individually tailored rather than generic in nature. This book is filled with the best animals, crops and agricultural businesses you can start.  However as a one-on-one consultant, I urge you to choose what personally interests you.  Then look further into that crop, animal or business and see if it is a match to your personality and work ethic.  That’s the beginning of your success.

 This book if filled with the secret list of businesses, animals and crops.  That is what you get.  Some plants and animals are for specific growing zones, so you will need to do some research as to what best fits your area.

You may think Small Scale High Profit Farming can’t help you. That’s good. I want you to be skeptical because I prefer to work with skeptics. Being skeptical means you’re intelligent, and working intelligently and hard is one key to success I live by.

Now do something intelligent and learn about these amazing new ways to make a living. 

There is nothing to risk and Not only will I prove it to you. 
I will guarantee it to you.

To make things even better you will get an iron clad guarantee.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your new found information you will get a complete refund.

This is an amazing opportunity with absolutely no risk.  Why do I offer a complete refund?

  Because if you are not happy then I'm not happy. 

If you are not excited or pleased with what is in the book. 
I will personally offer you a 100% refund.

That is it my fellow agrarians.
I leave you with nothing to lose and every thing to gain.
What you do next is up to you.


Learn how one Florida man turned a bankrupt nursery into a multimillion dollar business in less than 6 months.  With just one of the plants in this book.